Wiebke Keim / Alexandre Kostka eds.: Representing European Values

Representing European Values

Wiebke Keim / Alexandre Kostka eds.


288 Seiten, 17 Abbildungen
Klappenbroschur, 22,0 x 15,0 cm
Texte in englischer Sprache
ISBN 978-3-944258-11-9

18,90 € (D)


Euroculture Erasmus Mundus publication

“Europe can be seen in many ways – as a geographical entity, as a political project, as shared cultural heritage, as an idea.

In each case, the abstract notion is given a concrete meaning by a choice, a selection of what comes into the gaze of the beholder.”

– the editors

Young scholars take fresh looks at this Europe. Read about:

“Refugee and Migrant Narratives in Creative Arts”

“Europeanness as Lifestyle”

“Statelessness in Europe”

“Transnational Identities in the Making”

“The Politics of Image Management”

“The Europeanisation of National Educational Curricula”

and more interesting topics.


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